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Aug 12, 2023
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What is DNA Escrow ?

An escrow service is an agreement between two parties, usually a buyer and a seller, to accept a trusted third party, known as the escrow agent, to hold and regulate funds or assets until certain conditions are met by both parties. the middleman ( @admin ) ensures a secure transaction, providing a level of protection for both the buyer and seller, and helps to build trust in the transaction process.

How DNA Escrow Works ?

The DNA Escrow service is now 100% FREE for ( Premium Members, Golden Members, and Infinity Members ). Those Member Types can Setup Escrow Deals,

If you upgraded your account Already to a Premium Member or more then by going to "My Escrow " and clicking on the option list
there, then you will find an option there to Create Escrow Deals

once you create deal a new window will popup to insert the Deal Information & Select the other Party user(s) to join the to the escrow deal by filling out the those forms ( Deal name / Deal Description / Deal Users )" the deal description must contains a detailed information about the deal Type and conditions .


Once you done with that and you both Agreed to Start the deal then all you have to do is just mention me by typing " @Admin " in your Escrow chat box to allow me to Join the escrow deal, , and send the XMR, BTC, LTC, or USDT addresses on the deal chat box to be paid by the buyer"""".

once the Buyer Funded The Deal amount , the seller only have 24 hours to send which The Product the buyer ordered .

In case the deal got disputed by the buyer or the sellers , any of them should mention me again on the deal chat box ( @Admin ) to join the Deal again and judge the case .

Escrow Rules :

. Both of Parties ( Buyer / Seller ) should Accept Escrow Admin @Admin Judgement in case a dispute requested by any of the Deal users .

. No Conversation or Payment is allowed outside the Escrow deal Chat box , Escrow @Admin have no responsibility for any Money or Product sent outside the escrow chat box.

.Buyer should Fund 100% of of the Product Price he is Buying to the Escrow Payment Crypto Address Provided by Admin Only.

. Seller Should post the download link of the Product the buyers Ordered in the Deal hatbox within 24 hours or the buyer have the right to Dispute the deal and get full refund .

. Seller Should Delete the Download links only after Deal complete and the buyer is Satisfied .

. The Escrow Deal will be completely Removed from Our Servers once @Admin Release the Crypto amount that held as the Deal Escrow.

. The DNA Escrow is only Available for Digital products ( online Products ) .

. only XMR / BTC / LTC / USDT accepted as the deal currency .
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