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    Hello Guys is it safe to use my home wifi to do hacking

    I was doing some reading on opsec where the guide said you must use a public wifi not you home wifi. question is there a way to use my home wifi and still stay hidden?
  2. Mr.Robot


    With Kurtix WiFi Login tool you will Exploit weaknesses in wireless network (WiFi) security implementations Hidden content (This will show false positives on Windows due to the manipulation of opening web browsers and adding info.. This is not my program, just sharing. So run in Sandbox or VM )
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    Wifi Hacking Series For Red Teamers & Pentesters

    Wireless Penetration Testing Pentesting of the wireless systems is easier task than doing that on the wired network. You cannot really apply good physical security measures against a wireless medium, if you are located close enough, you are able to “hear” (or at least your wireless adapter is...
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    So to crack a wifi password we will be using fluxion : GitHub - FluxionNetwork/fluxion: Fluxion is a remake of linset by vk496 with enhanced functionality. 1. cd fluxion ; sudo ./fluxion ; select 2 option to capture handshake and make your customized attack. The captured handshake will be...
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    Ethical hacking of WiFi: WPA and WPA2 encryption

    What you’ll learn Students will be able to hack Wi-Fi ethically. Students will be able to break WPA and WPA2 encryption ethically. Students will be able to break pin authentication ethically. Students will have the enough knowledge of how to secure routers from hackers and how to remove bugs...
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    Networking - Networking is the most important thing in this field. You should know how the internet works, Wifi, IPV4, IPV6, Modem & Routers, TCPIP

    TOTAL CompTIA A+ Certification (220-1002) Hidden content CompTIA Network+ Cert. (N10-007) The Total Course Hidden content Linux Essentials For Hackers Hidden content Linux Fundamentals Hidden content
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    Complete WiFi Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced

    Hidden content
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    Wifi Hacking Course by script kiddie in Hindi 😍*

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