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    I am going to share some tips to help you know if a Virus Total detection may or may not be a false positive. Obviously this is not 100% certain as there are many virus writers who leave their Trojans or other malware undetectable, but it can be a good start when in doubt. Always before the...
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    Looks good with some unique Youtube twists. Sales page: Download: or
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    Vovsoft HTML Stripper +license

    Vovsoft HTML Stripper is a multi-purpose tool that enables you to remove HTML tags and formatting from any text, extract text from web pages, and convert HTML code to plain text. With its help, you can convert ugly formatted or HTMLified text into clean and pretty text. You also can use it to...
  4. R Checker With Capture Hidden content
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    PlexTV Checker

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    DarkNetArmy SQLI Vuln Scanner

    VirusTotal Hidden content
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    [CRACKED] OnlyFans w/ Full Capture [CapSolver Required]

    Preview Download Hidden content Virustotal Virustotal Link
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    CRACKED] Spotify Checker - Full Capture

    Preview Download Hidden content Virustotal Virustotal Link
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    [Fully Reversed] AURA | AIO CHECKER | 30 Modules

    So I decided to try a new challenge. I made a whole custom deobfuscator for this program which I also included down below. The only things I removed manually was 1 Junk class which didn't get picked up by the obfuscator and two useless namespaces. Preview Features - AntiCaptcha...
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    [ Self-Made ] COMBO SPLITTER NEW | Download NOW for free

    Combo Splitter tool (self-made) Virustotal: click here DOWNLOAD NOW: Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content
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    Manycam 5.0.5 CLEAN + virustotal [E-WHORE VCW]

    The basic version has a manycam logo on it while the premium version doesn't. It looks like a real webcam without it. Perfect to e-whore people :lostit: Hidden content