1. T

    Updated log checker 2024

    Instructions for launching inside the pack Get CCs - Pulls all cards from logs Get FTPs - Pulls out and validates all FTP servers from the log Get Discord tokens - Pulls tokens from all Discord sessions, and writes them to a file DiscordTokens.txt Search passwords - Pulls out all login:password...
  2. dbMaster

    Grand Exchange Tracker Database

    In May 2017, the Oldschool RuneScape flipping tool Grand Exchange Tracker ( suffered a data breach that impacted 42.2k users. The breach led to the exposure of data including Usernames, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Paypal Email addresses and Passwords stored as Bcrypt hashes...
  3. dbMaster

    [427GB] Full RaidForums Collection - 34'734 files.

    Hi again, I stumbled upon this dump. I didn't know it existed at all, infact I only found it on one of the many services I use to find new dumps. It appears to be an almost full if not full collection of the leaks that could be found on RaidForums, I therefore called it "Full RaidForums...
  4. dbMaster

    427GB Database Pack

    Database collection list: Note that this is a torrent. Hidden content