1. snip3rl3gacy

    Mailreaper | Inbox Searcher | Bruter | By D3v

    Features • Noob friendly menu • Clean interface • Saves hits to seperate folder with date + time • Proxyless • Captures the amount of emails containing certain keyword inputted {inbox searcher modules} Hidden content
  2. Mr.Robot


    HOW TO CRACK (FREE ACCOUNTS - CREATE COMBOLIST) 1. Firstly you want to get keywords for dorking. I recommend using this one: Keyword Scraper by xRisky (Updated Link) 2. Now you need to use your keywords in a Dork Generator to create your dorks. There is a good tutorial here what to fill in...
  3. Mr.Robot

    [PACK] SQLi Dumper v9.6, TSP Dork generator, Keyword Scraper, Dork Searcher EZ

    Use the first tool to scrape keywords, Use Dork generator to generate dorks from the keywords you scraped Use Dork Searcher to search for urls from your generated dorks Use SQLi dumper to dump the urls Keyword Scraper by xRisky : Hidden content TSP Dork generator : Hidden content Dork...
  4. Mr.Robot

    SQL Injecter And Dumper By QuadCore Security Team | opensource

    QuadCore-Web-SQLI-Dumper WEB SQLi Injection and Dumper DATA Hack Tool I am in no way responsible for the actions you do with this tool. Use this tool for prevention or security testing on your own domain. URLS SEARCHER From Vulnerable to Exploitable URL DUMPER DATA By QuadCore...
  5. Mr.Robot

    Dork Searcher EZ (CriticalError.txt Fix)

    I'm sharing with you all a fix to the common error on Dork Searcher EZ (CriticalError.txt). All I done was remove part of the code that causes the error to happen.