1. Sauron

    ZD Soft Screen Recorder Key

    THESE CAN BE BLACKLISTED! Hidden content
  2. Sauron

    CraxsRat V3.7.1

    *You are Fully Reasonable for whatever you do while using this Tool * BE Smart so you don't infect yourself - GENERAL: -New interface better / Easier / bigger -Edit connections info support Multiple clients at once -major improvement and Bug fixes -More Stable + Longer Connection -Auto...
  3. Sauron

    SurFlex Screen Recorder for MacOS 6 Month License

    SurFlex Screen Recorder overview SurFlex Screen Recorder for Mac is a powerful screen-capturing tool that captures your on-screen activities without limitation. With it, you can record your screen with GPU acceleration, whether it be full screen, a selected area of the screen, or a specific app...
  4. A

    Selling CC details

    You will get all below information with purchasing. Full Name: DOB: Telephone: Email: Address: City: Postcode: +---------- Card Info ----------+ BIN: Name on Card: Card Number: Expiry: CVV: +---------- Victim Info ----------+ Submitted by: (IP) Location: UserAgent: Browser: Chrome...
  5. Mr.Robot

    BRATA ANDROID RAT ⚡ [Android 13: Keylogger, ScreenControl, Steal SMS] ⚡

    BRATA is popular in 2023, and it is easy to steal SMS or manage SMS on your target device. Tools are very stable and can work well with Android version 13 on the latest device. but I think the UI is a little messy when starting for the first time, but many features inside this RAT are so...
  6. Mr.Robot


    This program can generate all the well-known types of bitcoin addresses (starting on 1, bc1q - Legacy, Segwit), according to the most common path of derivation BIP 32, BIP 44, BIP 84 using the GPU and checks them with the available addresses from database of bitcoins with balances. The program...