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    This is a script to scam users. Just change the address to your own, change the currency you would like to steal and trick someone to insert it into their js console. Oh and yea, then enjoy the ezpz money. You like it? prove it Download :Hidden content
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    Scam or Reliable ? - Tor Stuff

    I recently discovered this website and I would like to know if it is reliable because I want to buy fake bills or a PayPal transfer." http://stuffdleakt4xraufncfbovubw6pmdv3i2wekbdrblqph43fwmkhsvqd.onion/forum-login/
  3. S

    scamer Alert

    Hello everyone, A guy on the forum enjoys scamming members. I lost $100 following his method, but it's a scam. I have attached the name of his account : Capture-d-cran-2024-03-26-154321 hosted at ImgBB His name is Top secrets Can an admin ban it please? THANKS.
  4. K

    Thanks to all and One Que. about Real(not scam) onion website

    Hi , Respected Admin, Seller and all the member Thanks to admin and post maker who provides us free stuffs and also very useful paid tools and provide best service I really thankful of them not only me but all the members also Now a days there are scams is going out of limit I want to some...
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    What do you guys think about this site, is it scam has anyone order cards from it?

    http://deepmahqkrucnjcntuetfeagiu23eulbrt7stvjcl5hmvjs33gnrlzad.onion/platinum - There are alot of positive feedbacks with this vendor including pics and videos, what do you guys think have you ordered from here?
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    ( Scam Page) Phishing

    Hidden content
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    ✅ ✅ ✅ ✨ ETSY Scam METHOD ✨ ACTUAL WAY TO MAKE $50 / HOUR ✨ ✅ ✅ ✅

    This guide is about using the Etsy platform to find victims and scam them. To start, you need to take a picture of a phone or any valuable object you own for example a phone, preferably apple products like a macbook etc, or even playstation or xbox consoles and also accessories like...