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    Reverse Engineering 4 - Software Protection

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  2. S

    Hacker for hire offering his services (Web)

    Hello! I've been a white hat for more than 4 years and have a very big amount of experience. So I am new in black hat and here too. I am offering Web exploitation service with gaining full access to server. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Mr.Robot


    Reverse Engineering For Everyone You can learn about reverse engineering. enjoy Hidden content
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    Reverse Engineering Course The Ultimate Training

    What We’ll Do/Learn: This course is going to teach anyone how to reverse engineer x64 Windows. We will start by covering some basics of binaries, then reverse some small samples, reverse a DLL and implement it into our own program, reverse some malware, then look at some realistic situations...
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    Reverse Engineering For Beginners With Resources

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    Learn Reverse Engineering With Android Malware Analysis

    What you’ll learn Learn how Android applications are developed Learn how to reverse engineer Android applications and malware Learn how to extract applications and malware from a running device Gain access to premium cheat sheets, study guides, and books Develop your skills with challenges that...