1. actuvia

    Arsium Ransomware Builder | EASY 500$ PER HIT

    Arsium is intended for educational and research purposes only. This software should not be used within any system or network for which you do not have permission, nor should it be used for any illegal or illicit purposes. The author takes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by...
  2. snip3rl3gacy

    Conti Ransomware Builder

    Conti ransomware is an encryption tool designed to block access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid. It typically works by encrypting the victim's files or locking the operating system, rendering the data or system unusable. The attackers then demand a ransom, usually in...
  3. Ghno56

    Ransomware Tools Pack

    1. Binder tools Ransomware 2. Data Decrypter and Recovery Tools 3. Ransomware Virus 1:-fud Ransomware 2:-lot of Ransomware 3:-Ransomware.Petya 4:-Wannacry 4. Ransomware Virus Building Tools Hidden content
  4. Sauron

    Programming ransomware using Python course

    Hidden content
  5. Mr.Robot

    Ransomware + sourcecode Collections

    Download Links: 1. BasicLocker/shell-locker ransomware - Full source - Skiddy ScreenLocker Download: https://mega.nz/#!4nghnCyR!mhpUhckf4FIZjc9qCKOkonQ4lfGgSuoGaYmIwKP7XWE 2. NxRansomware - Full source - Full ASP Panel source Download: Hidden content 3. HiddenTear - Full...
  6. Mr.Robot

    [Auth][Nova+] CatLogs - Advanced HTTP Based Stealer/RAT/Ransomware/Clipper/Keylogger

    Requirements: https://nodejs.org/en/ (Run 'npm i' on CatLogs folder to get all the required Nodes Libraries) https://dotnet.micro...framework/net46 Features: Browser Logins and Cookies Stealer Ransomware (Encrypt/Decrypt with Custom Key) RAT (Shell/System Commands)...