1. LeakGod

    Resilient Oracle PLSQL. Building Resilient Database Solutions for Continuous Operation

    As legacy and other critical systems continue to migrate online, the need for continuous operation is imperative. Code has to handle data issues as well as hard external problems today, including outages of networks, storage systems, power, and ancillary systems. This practical guide provides...
  2. Mr.Robot

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  3. dbMaster

    Database Leaked carsworld.id

    Database Leaked carsworld.id ? Format - .SQL Date - 2023 All Rows - 200k INSERT INTO `t_merchant` (`id`, `category_id`, `name`, `deskripsi`, `email`, `phone`, `whatsapp`, `propinsi`, `kota`, `kecamatan`, `kelurahan`, `id_wilayah`, `alamat_lengkap`, `image_url`, `rating`, `latitude`...