1. NinjaNet

    Monero mining malware

    Hi guys I have monero mining malware for Windows system for sale (300$) Features of malware: 1-Run on system start up 2-Use Xmrig 3-Adds path for Windows Defender to prevent it from flagging Xmrig as malware 4-Mining Monero to the specific monero adress
  2. U

  3. U

    Pi Network Referral Code [Mining Crypto]

    Pi Network WITH Referral: Pi Network - Home Page Pi Network NO Referral: Pi Network - Home Page REFERRAL CODE: Police2668
  4. R

    Download Mining For Gold Trading Dominion Course

    Fully automate your trading with zero programming required Learn how to do algorithmic trading without needing to learn to code. See explanations of the methodology used. See real-world performance of this style of trading with a 3rd party broker tracker. Explore the different architecture...
  5. R

    UDEMY - CPU Mining on Android Device - Mine Crypto and Monero XMR

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  6. R

    UDEMY - Build a Crypto Currency Mining Business for beginners!

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  7. Heydin

    Heydin's Malware Setup/Mentoring Services | RATS | Botnets | Miners & more.

    Available malware: I have tons of free, cracked and open source botnets, rats, keyloggers, miners and so forth inside my collection. I will share this with you and tell you the pro's and cons of everything in my collection. If you wanna use paid malwares, we can look around together to find the...