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    Ethical Hacking: Metasploit

    What you’ll learn How to use Metasploit How to Search Exploits How to use Exploits How to exploit Win 2k and Ubuntu 16 Requirements Kali Linux live USB Description This course teaches you the basics of metasploit, a popular hacking and exploitation tool. You will learn how to do basic...
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    Metasploit Framework Penetration Testing with Metasploit [4GB]

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    Advanced Hacking With Metasploit 5 GB Video Course

    Advanced Hacking With Metasploit • Cover Topics :) ● Introduction To Penetration Testing ● Setting Up The Laboratory ● Meet The Metasploit ● Enumeration ● Vulnerability Scanning ● Exploitation And Gaining Access ● Post-Exploitation - Meterpreter ● Antivirus Evasion And Cleanings • Size :-...