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    How to make monthly passive income with a merchant account

    What you need for this technique: 1. A website 2. A merchant account that accepts subscription payments 3. A credit card In the merchant account, set the product type to subscription. Make it renew either every month or every 2 weeks. Set the billing info to a common has station in their area...
  2. R with Capture [Get Paid Proxies For Free!!]

    Combo: Email : Pass Proxy:Yes Capture: Cloud Proxies Amount | Merchant Proxies Amount | Balance
  3. dbMaster database

    Website - Format - .SQL Date - 2023 All Rows - 2kk INSERT INTO `merchant_bills` (`id`, `merchantId`, `mainCardId`, `caiWuId`, `amount`, `fee`, `bankFee`, `billType`, `isDone`, `isRefund`, `isApproved`, `isDf`, `isKU`, `dfFee`, `bankName`, `bankType`, `bankCode`...