1. ethanhunt212

    Selling - Cutlet maker ATM MALWARE

    Hello, Cutlet maker ATM spits out all cash inside an ATM either wirelessly through it's hidden wifi or physically with a USB Price: $200 in BTC Please DM me if your buying.
  2. NinjaNet

    Monero mining malware

    Hi guys I have monero mining malware for Windows system for sale (300$) Features of malware: 1-Run on system start up 2-Use Xmrig 3-Adds path for Windows Defender to prevent it from flagging Xmrig as malware 4-Mining Monero to the specific monero adress
  3. R

    CryRat - The Project .NET By Snowfall

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  4. Mr.Robot


    How to Access the Dark Web Now that you know of the special software, configurations, and onion websites needed to access the dark web, allow us to give you a step-by-step guide to help you easily access it. Simply adhere to the following steps to make your venture into the uncharted terrains...
  5. Admin

    ⚠️CAUTION: High Risk SECTION

    ⚠️CAUTION: High Risk SECTION This Section is considered as a High Risk section . if you do not know what you doing you may get your Computer infected with Malware / spyware or Ransomware . Solution : If you want to Run any of the Tools listed on this Section you better use a VPS / RDP OR a...
  6. R


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  7. R

    Penetration Testing: Malware backdoor for beginners

    Course “Penetration Testing: Malware backdoor for beginners “ This course will take you on a journey of learning what malware is, how to create backdoor with NCAT and how you can get control over a system. Once you are able to understand how hackers think, you will be able to use your new...
  8. R

    Ethical Hacking Malware Threats

    Malware is specifically designed to gain access or damage systems without the knowledge of the victim. This course will teach you how malware is created, utilized, and detected. You’ll learn all that is needed for the CEH 312-50 concerning malware. What you’ll learn The easiest way to get into a...
  9. R

    Persistent Malware Course BY Linuxndroid [Hindi]

    How To Setup A Android KeyLogger How TO Make Anti-UnInstall With Coding How TO Make Anti-Reset Payload With Coding How to make Payload Anti-ADB With Coding How to make Anti-Power Off Payload With Coding How to Bind Anti-UnInstall Payload Other Rat How to make Anti-UnInstall Third Party Apk...
  10. R

    Learn Reverse Engineering With Android Malware Analysis

    What you’ll learn Learn how Android applications are developed Learn how to reverse engineer Android applications and malware Learn how to extract applications and malware from a running device Gain access to premium cheat sheets, study guides, and books Develop your skills with challenges that...
  11. FreakyDeaky

    Trying to find Malware in an APK...

    Hello. I downloaded an APK and VirusTotal and Microsoft Defender keep popping it as a Trojan. I've inspected the APK file using Android Studio but unfortunately not sure what I'm looking at. The file in question...
  12. Mr.Robot

    [FREE] Malware Checker - Batch

    Malware Checker Made In Batch Download : Hidden content
  13. Mr.Robot

    25 RATs tools Lists ⭐ Secret RATs

    25 RATs tools Lists .. Secret RATs Remote access trojans (RATs) are malware designed to allow an attacker to remotely control an infected computer. Once the RAT is running on a compromised system, the attacker can send commands to it and receive data back in response. Here is Apps Which we...
  14. Mr.Robot

    Free Malware Checker Produced by DreadTheWorse

    Free Malware Checker Produced by DreadTheWorse Download link : Hidden content
  15. Glom

    GlitchPOS New PoS malware Builder

    Download : Hidden content zip file pas:
  16. Mango

    Alin Pos Malware Source code + php control panel

    Alin Pos Malware Source code + php control panel Alina is a Point of Sale Malware or POS RAM Scraper that is used to scrape credit card and debit card information ( track2 ) from the point of sale system. Download link : Hidden contentHidden content Zipfile password :
  17. Mr.Robot


    PREVIEW: Nothing complicated, follow instructions. You can add modules on it or upgrade it, i don't really know, but was fun to make. Download: Hidden content
  18. Heydin

    Heydin's Malware Setup/Mentoring Services | RATS | Botnets | Miners & more.

    Available malware: I have tons of free, cracked and open source botnets, rats, keyloggers, miners and so forth inside my collection. I will share this with you and tell you the pro's and cons of everything in my collection. If you wanna use paid malwares, we can look around together to find the...
  19. EarthOwner


    MALWAREBYTES KEY LIFETIME LIFETIME ACCES TO MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM SUPPORT IF NEEDED ACTIVATION KEY $7.99 Crypto / PayPal BUY Because I was forced to transfer my shop to Sellpass I offer 10 % discount code there: CODE: DNA Join my Telegram group : CLICK or Discord server for special...