1. R

    SDR for Ethical Hackers and Security Researchers 4.0

    What you’ll learn Core concepts of GSM & LTE network How GSM and LTE network operates Create your own GSM & LTE network Packet analyzation of GSM & LTE based network SIM programming for GSM and LTE networks Role of SDR in GSM & LTE network Requirements LimeSDR (for practical demo) SIM...
  2. Mr.Robot


    Hidden content LEECHERS GET REPORTED, LEAVE A LIKE TO SUPPORT monkayes This leak has been rated as working 1 times this month. (1 times in total)
  3. I

    Who want Pegasus Software?

    Hello guys if you are interested in hacking and do you want Pegasus software?
  4. M

    Information on personal number, address and personal information of the directors of the DGCIM

    I am selling personal information about the directors of the DGCIM, full name, homes, telephone number and even email in addition to family load, interested parties, price: 12,000.00 USD in BTC, USDT or ETH interested parties ask here limited offer
  5. B


    Anyone interested in high quality deepfakes, welcome to contact me! :) Doing leading deepfake high-tech stuff, single big projects or bulk. Don't write me for small requests! t: @bettie_face Thanks :)
  6. R

    Intro to Bug Bounty Hunting and Web Application Hacking

    What you’ll learn Learn 10+ different vulnerability types Ability to exploit basic web application vulnerabilities Basics of Reconnaissance (recon) How to approach a target Understand how bug bounties work Write better bug bounty reports Includes practical hands on labs to practice your skills...