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    scamer Alert

    Hello everyone, A guy on the forum enjoys scamming members. I lost $100 following his method, but it's a scam. I have attached the name of his account : Capture-d-cran-2024-03-26-154321 hosted at ImgBB His name is Top secrets Can an admin ban it please? THANKS.
  2. L

    i have been into the Grey Hat type of activities for a long while

    Well, hi everyone. Not gonna go into details about myself beside i have been into the Grey Hat type of activities for a long while. Usually more into it for the fun and knowledge part of it, but some interesting hack done might be of interest for some of you guys. Looking for stuff to share ...
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    DNA Forum Rules

    Forum Rules and Guidelines Welcome to our Darknet Army forum! To ensure a respectful, informative, and enjoyable environment for all members, we've established these forum rules and guidelines. Please read and follow them to maintain a positive atmosphere for discussions and interactions. 1...
  6. dbMaster

    Avast Database

    In May 2014, the Avast anti-virus forum was hacked and 423k member records were exposed. The Simple Machines Based forum included usernames, emails and password hashes. Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords, Usernames Hidden content
  7. dbMaster

    Raid Forum 459GB leaks Databases

    Torrent links : Hidden content
  8. FreonMR

    DRAWING & EDITS documents | FAKE DOCS | High quality! Low prices!
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    Drawing any country ✏️ 🌐 🏴‍☠️ FAKE DOCS Different types of work: ID Cards, Driver's License, Residence Permit, Passports, Bank Statements, Bank Checks, Utility Bills, Checks, SSN/Insurance Documents, Bank Cards. Payroll/Paystub/Income Statements, Invoices, Marriage/Divorce/Birth/Death...