1. Mr.Robot

    [CRACKED]XWorms V5.0

    XWorm V5.0 Cracked ==================================================== FEATURES ==================================================== Run File From, URL / Disk / Memory / RunPE [+] Blank Screen, Disable Win Updates, Run Shell , Invoke BSOD [+] .NET 3.5 Installer [+] UAC /...
  2. Mr.Robot

    XWORM V2.1 CRACKED - | UAC * WORM * RunPE * Clipper | Cleaned By ObbedCode

    For a second I assumed it was the stub dropping in the TEMP dir from the second "builder.exe" file as that was being executed but I assumed if it was not connected to a valid server that would exit the stub, I was reversing it for a TCP Connection and realized it is using a Telegram Channel to...