1. Sauron

    Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies

    Tim Rains is Microsoft's former Global Chief Security Advisor and Amazon Web Services' former Global Security Leader for the Worldwide Public Sector. He has spent the last two decades advising private and public sector organizations all over the world on cybersecurity strategies. Cybersecurity...
  2. Sauron

    Ethical Hacking Workshop: Explore a practical approach to learning and applying ethical hacking techniques for effective cybersecurity

    Get a hands-on training and experience in tools, techniques, and best practices for effective ethical hacking to combat cyber threats at any scale Key Features Advice on how to use the ethical hacking methodology and thought process to perform a successful ethical hack An exploration of the...
  3. LeakGod

    The AI Revolution in Networking, Cybersecurity, and Emerging Technologies

    The AI Revolution is Here. Discover its Dynamic Applications in Networking, Cybersecurity, and More. AI is having a profound impact on nearly every sector of the workforce. Huge professional and financial opportunities await in the key domains of computer networking, cybersecurity, IoT, and...
  4. Sauron

    Cyberjutsu: Cybersecurity for Modern Ninjas [Russian]

    Cyberjutsu is a practical guide to cybersecurity, which is based on the techniques, tactics and techniques of the ancient ninjas. Cyberwarfare expert Ben McCarthy analyzes declassified Japanese treatises and reveals how ninja techniques can be applied to today's security challenges, such as...

    ChatGPT Cybersecurity Cookbook: Learn practical generative AI recipes to improve your cybersecurity skills

    Master the ChatGPT and OpenAI APIs and harness the power of advanced generative AI and large language models to revolutionize penetration testing, threat detection, and risk assessment. Key Features Improve your skills by using ChatGPT to generate complex commands, write code, and build tools...

    PowerShell Automation and Scripting for Cybersecurity

    Take your cybersecurity skills to the next level with this comprehensive guide to PowerShell security! Whether you're a red or blue teamer, you'll gain a deep understanding of PowerShell's security capabilities and how to use them. After revisiting PowerShell basics and scripting fundamentals...

    Python for Cybersecurity Specialization

    Master Python for a variety of cybersecurity tasks. This Specialization provides an application-driven introduction to using Python for cybersecurity. What you'll learn • Develop custom Python scripts to automate cybersecurity tasks. • Apply Python to meet objectives through the cybersecurity...

    Hacker Culture A to Z: A Fun Guide to the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity and Hacking 2024

    Hacker culture can be esoteric, but this entertaining guide is here to help. Written by longtime cybersecurity researcher and author Kim Crowley, this fascinating guide will introduce you to key people and companies, fundamental ideas, and iconic films, games, and magazines in the annals of...
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  10. Cyber_Sylaxx_777

    CyberSecurity Bible! (Knowledge & Tools - Hard & Soft Skills )

    Hey guys Straight to the sauce! Here is the link: Here you can find resources & tools to become a killer InfoSec expert. You can also find resources for job hunting and for improving your soft skills. Enjoy and keep learning!
  11. Sauron

    Zed Attack Proxy Cookbook - Hacking tactics, techniques, and procedures for testing web applications

    Dive into security testing and web app scanning with ZAP, a powerful OWASP security tool Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook Key FeaturesMaster ZAP to protect your systems from different cyber attacksLearn cybersecurity best practices using this step-by-step guide...
  12. Sauron

    Cybersecurity Foundation Course

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