1. Sauron

    Became a Master in Creating AI Videos in Just 1 Hour For Free

    What you’ll learn You Will learn How to Create Videos Using AI You Will learn How to Create Advanced Prompts From Scratch You Will learn How to Create to Videos using Still Images in AI Platforms You Will learn How to Create Various Styles of Art Videos This course includes: 1.5 hours...
  2. LeakGod

    Creating Responsive Websites Using HTML5 and CSS3

    Learn to implement web designs using HTML5 and CSS3. This book focuses on the need for responsive web design and how you can leverage HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive websites that work in the real world. You do not need be a technology expert or have a prior coding background to benefit...
  3. Sauron

    $10K VA Standard

    **Kayla Sloan - $10K VA** **WHAT YOU GET?** **Module 1:** * What is a Virtual Assistant? * The Definition and Origins of the Term VA * What Does a VA Do? * Designing Your Business: Deciding What Services to Offer * No Education Required! 7 Simple Skills for VA Success * The Benefits of Being...
  4. Sauron

    Social Media Content Creation: A Guide For Creating High-Quality Content

    this class, I am going to be sharing everything you need to know about creating high-quality social media content for all of your social media channels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or somebody that may have been using social media casually for a while now, this class is going to be a...
  5. Sauron

    Guide to creating a bot in the Telegram messenger 2023

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  6. Sauron

    Creating a Cyberpunk City with C4D with Job Menting

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  7. Sauron

    Red Alert Whitehat + Blackhat Combo

    All it takes is one breakthrough idea to change your life forever. That idea changed my life but I had to figure out how to make it easier for anyone to use right away…without any kind of learning curve. What if I told you that you could sit down for 90 minutes, apply this technique, and...
  8. Sauron

    Biaheza Full Dropshipping Course 2023

    Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom. In this course I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead we go through step by step and build a real live dropshipping store that does over one thousand dollars...
  9. Mr.Robot


    Make 200$-500$ Legitimately with 0 Skills | Legit No Skills Hustle All industries out there require you to have some skill set to make money. But not everyone has skills or time to learn those skills, So here's a side hustle idea that will make you money. You can start with $0 Here's how you...