1. snip3rl3gacy

    Quantum Lnk Builder 2024 [Cracked]

    Overview The new and improved QuantumBuilder will make your payload look like any file format (.png, .mp4, .doc, ...), just like our other project, but you will be also able to send the plain .url without using .Zips and even attach it to Gmail with no Chrome warnings. Also any file can now be...
  2. S

    Ransomware collection

    Ransomware collection MorphAES bash-ransomware ransomware theZoo hidden-tear CryptoWire-Advanced-AutoIt-ransomware-Project Ac0ddRansom BitcoinBlackmailerRansomware Arsium Ransomware Builder Crypter blackhole-ransomware Chaos Ransomware Builder v4 LockBit-Black Ransomware-Builder-v3.0...
  3. C

    Powerfull AI Websites to save your time

    Powerfull AI Websites to save your time 1. YouTube Summaries - 2. Photo Editor - 3. Website Builder - 4. Voice Notes - 5. Text Notes - 6. Text-to-Video - 7. Viral Clips - 8. Music Production - Best ChatGPT...
  4. C

    How to setup a RAT with Pics [TUTORIAL]

    How to setup a RAT with Pics [TUTORIAL] I see that lots of you asking how to setup a rat, what vpn you should use etc. In this tutorial you will find out how to setup a rat from scratch! Hidden content
  5. S

    Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT builder + php control panel

    Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT builder + php control panel Download : Hidden content
  6. Glom

    GlitchPOS New PoS malware Builder

    Download : Hidden content zip file pas:
  7. Mr.Robot

    XWORM V2.1 CRACKED - | UAC * WORM * RunPE * Clipper | Cleaned By ObbedCode

    For a second I assumed it was the stub dropping in the TEMP dir from the second "builder.exe" file as that was being executed but I assumed if it was not connected to a valid server that would exit the stub, I was reversing it for a TCP Connection and realized it is using a Telegram Channel to...
  8. jigsaw11


    ✨ JIGSAW LOCKER ✨ ● Depends on .NET Framework ● Offline encryption (Doesn't require a network connection) ● Encrypts all documents, photos, databases on disks, local shares, USB drives ● High efficiency encryption algorithm (AES-RSA) & (UNCRACKABLE) ● Bundled with a custom-made obfuscator ●...