[SysCloud] Requests from stealer logs in URL:LOG:PASS format

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Jul 7, 2024
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SysCloud is an automated service for searching requests in the format url:username:password / username:password.

Our Advantages
Prices: $1 on average per request.
Virtually no restrictions on the number of rows returned.
A reliable database of ~ rows, cleaned of junk.
7 different search modes and additional features.
Fast automatic search and request purchase.
Continuous updates, we have been developing our service for one and a half years.

The bot performs the function of searching for url:username:password rows in our database, collected from private/public logs/clouds.
The entire database is meticulously cleaned of various types of junk and duplicates.
All data provided by the bot is intended for familiarization and checking your own data for leaks (logins, passwords, websites).
We are not responsible for users further actions, and the data is not intended for illegal purposes.
We do not accept claims regarding the quality of the rows and do not guarantee that all rows will be valid.
We do not sell or provide full logs.
We do not train users on how to work with the obtained material.
Support response time may take up to 24 hours (in extreme cases).
You can top up your balance with cryptocurrency (15 coins to choose from), and also from the balance of LZT and CryptoBot.
When topping up from 10USD, there is a +10% bonus (credited automatically).
In case of problems, refunds are made to the bot's balance; it is not possible to withdraw funds from it, so we recommend calculating the required amount in advance.
Spamming (if the bot asks you to wait, please wait and do not spam).
Using bugs for personal gain.
Inappropriate behavior and insults when communicating with support; if you have a problem or a question, be polite and patient.
Fraud - attempts to deceive will be punished with a reset or a ban.

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