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Jul 6, 2024
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Do you want to make money with ease? Then let me introduce you to the SpiderX ransomware. It is highly effective, fast and AVes can't catch it! The price is $100. You will also get a free demo video 😎
  • ChaCha20-256 encryption algorithm which is the fastest in the world.
  • In addition it also uses threads to speed up the encryption process.
  • SpiderX attacks not only the main user folders on the Windows drive, but also all the external partitions, drivers, USBs etc.
  • No internet connection is required! SpiderX works completely offline and it only needs to be executed then the victim loses all their files in just a few seconds.
  • The custom wallpaper is embeded into the payload so this is not some basic script which just downloads all files from a server.
  • The ransomware is written in C++ which provides a lot of benefits such as faster execution
  • Very small sizes of the payloads 500-600 KB
  • SpiderX will now be fully persistent and will continue to run silently in the background and will encrypt every new file + if a USB drive or any other external drive is connected after the initial attack, it will also get infected in a matter of seconds.
  • Windows Defender FUD guaranteed
  • !!! BONUS - FIle Stealer is included and you will not only encrypt but also steal all victim's precious data.

Telegram: @v1p3x_pro
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