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  1. Serggik00

    Discounts on Avia, Hotels from Serggik00

    Good day Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to your attention one of the oldest services on the market! Our service on the official Darknet market has been pleasing our customers for more than 6 years! Many sellers on this resource have known me for many years and can confirm the veracity of my...
  2. Serggik00

    The best design on the market from Serggik00&Ko (Avatars/Banners/Stickers/Theme Design/Animation and much more)

    Good day ladies and gentlemen! The Serggik00&Ko team welcomes you, not even a team, but rather a battalion! Many people know us from the resources of the dark web, especially the old ones, but for those who don’t know us, we’ll introduce ourselves! We have been on the darknet since 2012, since...
  3. Serggik00

    THE WORLD'S FIRST ROUND-THE-CLOCK rendering of documents from Serggik00 24/7!

    Good afternoon Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forum !!! Many people have known me on this forum for more than one year, as well as I am known to many on dozens of other resources and friendly sites. I am an active seller in another field! On all resources, I practically have the status of a...